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About Syren Song Designs

Syren Song Designs - The Company

Syren Song Designs works with you to create a website that draws visitors to your site and compels them to stay. How? By creating fast-loading pages with eye-catching graphics; professional attention to detail; easy-to-navigate designs; and search engine registration and optimization. Syren Song Designs provides suggestions for website content to keep visitors coming back. We can even research and write the text for you.

Syren Song Designs works with you to create a site you can show customers, clients, friends and family with pride. Whether designing a site for your business or family, your band or club, a single web page or a large multifaceted website, Syren Song Designs will create a site that's right for you.

Michelle Bennett - The Owner

Born in Connecticut, Michelle now lives in Northern Wisconsin, in the City of Rhinelander, Oneida County - Home of the Hodag. She has been designing web pages since 1997. Michelle studied Computer Science at Southern Connecticut State University, concentrating in Computer Graphics. She took classes in Art, Graphic Design and Photography at the University. While living in New York, Michelle co-owned a science fiction-related business for several years that included manufacturing props and costumes, as well as running a science fiction convention. She has also been employed by various law firms in Florida, Georgia, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin.

Interested in the technical stuff? Michelle's first e-commerce website entered the Top Ten results of several major search engines for select keywords within one month of submission. She programs html, dhtml and css in a combination of Dreamweaver, TextPad and TopStyle Lite. Michelle also uses TextPad for editing CGI and Perl scripts used to create message boards, guestbooks, site-wide search engines, and other specialty items. Creating computer graphics for more than 8 years, she currently uses Fireworks, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, and Adobe Photoshop for most creations.

Curious about her personal side? Michelle works from her home, where she enjoys spending time with husband and their young son. When not busy programming websites and expanding her programming knowledge, she loves attending science fiction conventions, and even takes the time to dress for it on occasion.

Website Design - The Tools

All of the graphics on this site are original Syren Song Designs and were created using CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Fireworks, and/or Adobe Photoshop. HTML and css (cascading style sheets) programming was done with a combination of Dreamweaver, TopStyle Lite and TextPad. Coding for specialty items such as the search engine were programmed and/or customized using TextPad.

All web sites designed by Syren Song Designs are viewed in multiple versions of multiple browsers to be certain that the site you see and approve is the same site your visitors see. We can also review your site for Section 508 Accessibility, though basic steps are taken to ensure that all visitors will have a pleasurable experience at any site designed by Syren Song Designs. Websites can also take advantage of specific browser's unique features - all you have to do is ask!


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